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Commercial Truck Body Shop

If a commercial truck in your fleet has sustained body damage from a collision or the effects of inclement weather, our skilled technicians can put your truck back to work. Accidents happen, but the appearance of your trucks on the road speaks for your brand and your service. It’s important to restore the exterior so it can continue representing you in the light you deserve. Our commercial truck body shop is equipped to handle everything from scrapes and dents to more serious body damage.

Our body shop can handle all makes and models, and we offer fleet services if you have a number of trucks in need of restoration.

Blemishes to a truck’s exterior can come from many sources—often from small stones kicked up on highways. Other times when there is inclement weather such as hail stones, drivers will notice after driving through it that there are scratches and dents. Larger hail stones can leave surprisingly noticeable dents. In some cases, though, these dents can be removed without having to re-paint.

Commercial Truck Paint Shop Solutions

When there are deep dents and scratches, re-painting is necessary to restore the exterior. Our paint experts can match colors and apply them seamlessly so no one will ever know the exterior was blemished.

Even when there isn’t specific damage, weathering the elements and the long hours on the road can take a toll on any vehicle. If a truck has been in service for several years, there may be signs of fading or rust. This is especially true around the wheel wells. A fresh paint job can be just what a truck needs—just like any other sort of routine maintenance.

We’re an official Freightliner commercial truck body shop and have a wide inventory of Freightliner parts. Whether your trucks have sustained damage from collisions or any other circumstance, call on us to get it looking its best and put it back to work for you on the road. Email us directly at today!