Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine

With a long and successful history in engine building, Detroit Diesel knows what works in designing powerful truck solutions. The Detroit Diesel DD13 packs a fuel-efficient punch. With muscle that extends to 470 horsepower, the DD13 is versatile enough for a range of applications while retaining the type of fuel economy that’s become more important than ever to the long, continuous hauls of the modern fleet.

By incorporating BlueTec emissions technology, trucks using this engine can run for longer and keep the air cleaner while doing so. Advanced cooling systems also reduce fan time, which is another factor that lowers fuel consumption.

Reliability is just as important, and the DD13 utilizes several cutting edge technologies to perform efficiently. This reduces wear over time and allows the engine to do its job with fewer maintenance stops. The Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS) optimizes the injection process for smooth acceleration and less vibration. The reduced friction and vibration mean less wear on parts over time as well as a quieter engine during operation.

The DD13’s Torque Response

The Detroit Diesel engineers designed the DD13 with a flat torque curve, meaning smoother acceleration so the driver needs to shift less often. It can be tedious as well as fatiguing to do that much shifting. Every aspect of the DD13 is built for ease of use and efficiency, as the engineers know that a smooth ride is just as important as power and efficiency.

The torque range of this engine is 1,250 lb-ft @ 1,100 RPM to 1650 lb-ft @ 1,100 RPM, with horsepower ranges from 370 to 470, respectively. From cruising out onto the highway to navigating a construction site, drivers will have what it takes to get the job done for the many hours of a long working day. One of the most versatile engines in the Detroit line-up, the DD13 can be found in more Freightliner trucks for sale today than any other Detroit engine. These include the following:

Easier Maintenance and Lower Operating Costs

Your fleet is only profitable when tires are on the road. Trucks using the DD13 can go 50,000 miles between oil draining and filter changes, which is the longest scheduled maintenance interval in its class. The savings from stopping less often for maintenance adds up over the life of each truck in your fleet and can go a long way toward improving your bottom line.

If your fleet contains a variety of trucks with different engines, you’ll be pleased to know that the DD13 shares 65% of the service procedures and parts with the DD15. This makes parts easier to find, and if your outfit keeps parts and maintenance items on hand, they will be useful for multiple trucks.

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