Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine

Detroit Diesel’s DD15 engine delivers a lot of power in a lighter weight package than ever before. This new evolution of efficient trucking is a labor of ongoing improvement, making for stronger fleets across America.

Modern innovations include the addition of the Jacobs engine brake, Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems (EGR), and BlueTec emissions technology for more fuel-efficient, lower-maintenance engines. Detroit’s long history of solid and powerful engines is something Freightliner is proud to showcase in several of our semi truck offerings.

The DD15 Delivers

Beyond the advancements present in all Detroit diesel engines, the DD15 features a few additional and notable items.

Fuel Filter Module – A two-tier system provides longer service life, even up to 50,000 miles.
Variable Speed Water Pump – Using a viscous clutch between pulley and impeller drive, greater efficiency is achieved throughout.
Detroit Virtual Technician – Onboard diagnostic systems can help alert you to issues as they arise and can notify you of the part needed to repair it, as well as how serious the fault is. Best yet, the software can help you find the next available service bay and even schedule the repair appointment.
• Proprietary Asymmetric Turbocharger – Reduces weight and utilizes a simpler design that is better matched to the EGR system for improved performance.

Power and Efficiency With the DD15

Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, Detroit diesel engineers have expertly crafted drive trains that blend power and efficiency into rock solid engines. Fuel economy is maximized at 65mph with an RPM of 1350. Perfect for long hauls, the engine settles in and allows for larger spans of continuous driving between stops. This can help improve delivery times and ensure deadlines are met.

Because these engine refinements are also created to reduce maintenance needs, your fleet can remain more active. More time on the road and out of a repair shop means more profits for your operation.

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