Detroit Diesel DD16 Engine

The Detroit Diesel DD16 engine delivers when the job calls for the toughest trucks. Topping out at a whopping 600 horsepower, the DD16 can pull the heaviest loads with 2050 lb/ft of torque.

Powerful, Efficient Driving With The DD16

Like all Detroit Diesel engines, the DD16 features BlueTec SCR emissions technology for a superior balance of fuel efficiency and power. Engine performance is also improved, leading to a smoother and more reliable operation throughout any job the truck will encounter.

This engine power is coupled with excellent stopping power thanks to an integrated Jacobs braking system. With this, engine braking is significantly improved for those steep downhill applications. By taking the load off the main service brakes the Jacobs braking system allows for longer maintenance cycles and less wear on components. On the actual job, the improved engine braking also means shorter stopping times for when that matters most.

Other innovations, such as turbo compounding, turn heat from exhaust into energy to create less waste and more performance. These features pair well with the Freightliner trucks the Detroit diesel engines are installed within. Freightliner’s heavy duty truck lines are built with ingenuity and ease of use in mind, with the end goal of creating the most seamless driving experience possible for operators of all sizes and experience levels.

Both the designs of Freightliner trucks and the Detroit Diesel engines used to power them are built to maximize efficiency and reduce maintenance needs. Detroit Diesel’s long-standing reputation for quality has been well earned over many years of superior performance, as the technicians know that the time a truck spends off the road is not profitable for fleets. With a continuous stride for engine innovation, the DD16, like all Detroit engines, takes the worry out of the long hauls and keeps the truck with the tires to the road where it belongs.

The DD16 is available for the Freightliner Cascadia, Coronado, and the 122SD.

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