Elite Support

 Triad Freightliner An Elite Support Certified Dealer

   Triad Freightliner is a certified member of the Elite Support Dealer Network of Daimler Trucks North America, a comprehensive support network of dealers that are trained and certified annually to provide the highest level of knowledge, professionalism and service in the trucking industry. Elite Support is built around the idea that professional drivers work hard and their service network should, too. Elite Support Certified dealers are held to the highest customer service standards in the industry. You can expect the following standards from every Elite Support Certified dealer:

Rapid Diagnosis with Express Assessment ·Exceptional Turnaround & Quality ·Consistent Communication ·Robust Parts Availability ·Superb Customer Service ·Continuous Improvement

Experience the Difference at Triad Freightliner Elite Support Certified Dealerships That include Triad Freightliner of Greensboro, Triad Freightliner of TN, West Carolina Freightliner of Hickory, West Carolina Freightliner of Canton

Elite Support is a Commitment to Continuous Improvement Being the best requires an ongoing commitment to quality that is rooted in our culture. That's why every Elite Support dealer has a Continuous Improvement Coordinator (CIC) to ensure that the dealership not only meets - but exceeds - the certification requirements. Triad Freightliner collaborates with peers across the Elite Support dealer network to stay updated on the latest best practices, and conduct regularly-scheduled Continuous Improvement events in order to meet and improve Triad Freightliner’s standards of customer satisfaction. Meet our Continuous Improvement Coordinators (CIC):            

Dave Abraham: Operations Development/Dealer Family CIC

Dusty May: Parts Sales/CIC                             Triad Freightliner of Greensboro

Lisa Johnson: Warranty Clerk/CIC                   Triad Freightliner of Tennessee

Pam Joy: Inventory Control/CIC                       West Carolina Freightliner of Hickory

Roy McDonald: Warehouse Clerk/CIC             West Carolina Freightliner of Canton    

Elite Support Fosters a Customer-Focused Culture Triad Freightliner is focused on what truly matters - your truck and your business. That means that we don't do things the easy way, we do them the right way, every time. We work to deliver unmatched customer service and efficiency every time a truck comes in for maintenance or repair so that we can get our hard-working customers back on the road fast. ‚Äč

The Express Assessment Advantage at Triad Freightliner At Triad Freightliner, we offer Express Assessment at all of our locations. Express Assessment is a preliminary diagnostic process that provides an estimate of severity, part needs, cost, and downtime within two hours of the initial service write-up. Express Assessment allows you to know the impact on your load and your business quickly so that you can make arrangements to keep things moving smoothly while your vehicle is being diagnosed and repaired. At Triad Freightliner we strive to provide exceptional Express Assessment services, which makes sure that you spend less time in the shop and more time on the road!