Freightliner 108SD Heavy Duty Truck

The 108SD heavy truck is built for rugged work. With up to 380 horsepower, this severe duty truck can pull and haul heavy loads under demanding circumstances.

The 42″ back axle efficiently distributes weight between the front and back of the truck for easier driving and safer handling, and the 50 degree wheel cut helps with maneuvering tight job sites. Front engine, rear engine, and Power Takeoff (PTO) options allow for easy integration of hydraulics for setups where that’s needed — and even winches and snow plows. The 3/8″ steel bumper allows for 80,000 pounds of towing capacity, making the 108SD the ideal choice as an all-around workhouse in heavy applications.

Rugged Design for Solid Performance

The 108SD is built with C-channel frame rails with options for additional reinforcement. Heavy duty cross members are also available that are secured with Grade 8 hex bolts, allowing the truck to withstand any terrain. This super strong design gives the truck amazing hauling capacity and versatility in the types of jobs it can assist with.

The frame is built for severe environments. With a steel-reinforced aluminum frame the 108SD is very corrosion-resistant, which is ideal for rain, sleet, and freezing temperatures. For long hauls where the truck will be traversing varying climates in a relatively short amount of time, the tough body will stand up to whatever the road throws at it. Handling and visibility are also paramount during inclimate weather for safety and efficiency.

The strength of this design also means the truck will withstand the rigors of long days of loading and unloading well. It also gives the truck extra dent resistance from minor collisions or bumps that can happen in busy work sites. This means less maintenance and less need for repairs, and the more uptime your trucks see the more profitable the operation.

Stay Productive With a Well-Designed Interior

Operators will benefit from reduced fatigue on those long days with the 108SD’s refined interior. Ample seating space, large doors, and ergonomic dashboard make getting the job done a cinch. The layout is built to feel intuitive and easy to get right in and take control. Comfort is paramount, as fatigue can wear on even the most experienced drivers.

The 108SD takes all these considerations and blends them into a truck ready to act as a reliable work vehicle and preserve operator focus when the day is long.

With Freightliner semi trucks there is no compromise in performance or in staying proactive about keeping it running at its best. It’s easier than ever to operate, minimizing down time and maximizing profits.

Let Triad Freightliner of Greensboro show you the most dependable, hardest working line of severe duty and heavy duty trucks for sale on the road today. With the lowest true cost of ownership of any truck line, we have the right new trucks for your business.

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