Freightliner 114SD

Strong and efficient engines paired with a rugged chassis allows the 114SD heavy-duty truck to roll into any job site. This model has a horsepower range of 260-450, giving it excellent pulling and hauling capacity.

The design is ideal for applications as a mixer or even a crane, and the under-the-hood setup integrates well with hydraulics to go the distance in those big jobs.

Variable engine choices, from the Detroit DD13 to the Cummins ISL offer a whopping 1000-1350 lb-ft torque. Engine improvements like the selective catalytic reduction aftertreatment system reduce particles and buildup. This means less stress on the engine during rigorous use and improved fuel economy. These features are more are what can set your operation apart from the competition by reducing routine maintenance, operating costs, and downtime. The 114SD’s bottom line goes a long way for your fleet’s bottom line, to say the least.

Don’t let all this power fool you, though. The 114SD is surprisingly nimble on job sites with its 50 degree wheel cut and large 2500 square-inch windshield, maximizing the driver’s maneuverability and visibility.

Like other Freightliner trucks in our offering, the 114SD has an interior built for comfort and productivity. The controls are large, easy to see, and grouped for an intuitive feel for operation that’s easy to adapt to and use. The low-step 62 degree door openings offer a spacious entry and exit from the vehicle, which is useful for days when drivers and in and out repeatedly or are carrying gear.

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