Freightliner 122SD

The 122SD is Freightliner’s flagship heavy/severe duty truck. When you’re looking for a workhorse that can take anything you throw at it, this is the truck for you. Everything from the engine design to the chassis is built to endure the toughest jobs, including the following features:

  • State-of-the-art adhesives bond the cab’s structure to distribute force and vibrations to ensure comfort
  • Henrob rivets throughout the cab for super-strong sidewall and ceiling integrity
  • 2 piece bonded windshields for superior strength and easy replacement should either part become damaged
  • Single piece fiberglass hood
  • Onboard HVAC unit designed to operate in harsh conditions and temperatures
  • Reinforced doors for resistance to dents, scratches, and collisions

This beast of a workhorse keeps the operator safe with a stringent A-pillar impact, rollover, and impact rating. The chassis is equipped with a hardy single or double channel frame rail system, providing a tensile strength of 120,000 psi and an RBM rating of 5 million inch-pounds per rail. That means an incredible towing and hauling capacity for a variety of job site needs.

It’s easy to think that with a truck built this tough that the design would favor strength at the expense of comfort. Rest assured that with the 122SD operating comfort and ease of use were still major considerations when designing the cab. From intuitive dash controls to a spacious interior, it’s easy for drivers of all sizes to get in and out even when carrying tools and equipment.

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