Freightliner M2 106

The Freightliner M2 106 offers versatility and strength from utility towing to pickup and delivery. Powered by a Detroit DD5/DD8 engine or Cummins B6.7/L9 engine, the M2 106 benefits from a lightweight aluminum-cased engine for maximum safety and performance for long hours on the road.

The engine features a lot of refinements to the catalytic process to reduce the amount of ongoing maintenance and provide more efficient operation. Fewer maintenance stops and better fuel economy means less downtime and more profits for your fleet.

The M2 106 is also an agile truck, featuring 55 degree wheel cuts for easier turns and maneuverability. This is significant on job sites where space to turn around may be limited. In cases where entering residential areas is needed, the ability to make tight turns into side streets and driveways is equally handy.

Tough to Beat. Easy to Customize.

The engine’s mechanical innovation doesn’t stop at fuel and exhaust efficiency. Our proprietary SmartPlex Electrical System simplifies electrical wiring in the chassis to the body of the truck, meaning less wires and easier repairs should there ever be complications with electrical components. Pair that with the ServiceLink diagnostic tools our system incorporates and you’ve got a solid operation that is easy to troubleshoot

This also allows for custom programming for a fleet’s unique applications, which further improves the versatility of the M2 106.

Comfortable Cab With Ample Work Space

Freightliner M2 106 cab designed for all day comfortBeyond the internal parts, the M2 106’s cab space was designed to make the driver’s job easy. From dual steps for simpler entry to large door openings and comfortable seating, the M2 106 reduces driver fatigue and improves safety. The spacious interior fits with the theme of flexibility, as it allows for setups appropriate for a variety of industries.

The cab comes in the following configurations:

  • Day cab – Full width bench seats, fixed suspension driver and passenger seats, and passener seats with locking safe provisions
  • 26″ extended cab – liftable bunk storage, full width bench seating, fixed or tip-out tinted side windows, privacy curtain
  • 48″ crew cab – rear bench individual seats that include air suspension, electric rear door windows

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